Can Lice Survive the Cold Winter?

As a parent in Bucks County, the severe winters we can get definitely have their downsides. High home heating bills and trouble driving on roads to pick up or drop off your kids at various places when it snows are just a couple problems that come to mind. One problem that you may think you’d be spared in the winter months is that of certain bugs such as head lice. Unfortunately, these tiny, parasitic insects are a year-round annoyance.

One of the reasons that they still persist through the winter months is that lice like to cling to the scalp under your hair. This is a warm place regardless of the temperature outside. Your kids are especially likely to catch these bugs that like to feed off the blood under the scalp since they can spread through physical contact, and your kids always seem to be roughhousing with other kids. Another way they can catch them is by sharing hats or using hairbrushes of an infested person.


What Should You Do About Head Lice Removal?

It’s easy enough to Google pictures of head lice and their eggs, which are called nits. Let’s say you think you recognize some near the scalp of one of your children, or maybe a school nurse has spotted them and brought the problem to your attention. What to do about them is the next issue at hand.

You may be thinking about home remedies or over-the-counter products, but if this is the case, you need to think harder. As a problem, head lice are pretty bad, but some home remedies are so involved, they can seem even worse. If that’s not bad enough, they’re also not effective, which is the same thing that can be said about retail products that have been used for so many years that most lice have grown immune to the toxins in them. Your best course of action will be to find a professional head lice treatment salon.


Professional Head Lice Removal in Bucks County

At Lice Lifters of Bucks County, our dedicated team is focused on the single-minded task of eradicating this problem from your life and from that of any of your infested loved ones, all at an affordable price. Lice may not have to fear winter as long as there are warm heads to settle down on, but if they were smart at all, they would fear us.

Our first step is to do a head check to determine that lice are in fact present. We then do a comb-out that is meticulous in its thoroughness to remove any lice and nits that our eagle-eyed head lice removal technicians can spot. Since any survivors can start an infestation all over again, we follow this by applying a completely safe and all-natural killing agent to any infested family member’s hair and scalp that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing these pests.

You may be depressed to hear that head lice can survive the winter but cheer up because they won’t survive us! If you suspect that you or a family member’s red, itchy scalp may be due to head lice, please contact us. We can treat all of your infested family members at once, and our professional head lice treatment will get you lice free after one visit!

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