Head Lice Removal Salon in Bucks County

Head Lice Removal Service in Bucks County

Head lice are tiny insects that feed off the blood under your scalp. Finding that you or a family member have become infested with them can feel embarrassing at first. As a parent in Bucks County, you should not feel this way if you find lice on your child’s head or if their presence is brought to your attention by a school nurse. Lice thrive in the warm, moist environment just under your hair, and they don’t discriminate based on race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

While they are not dangerous, lice are still an annoying problem. They can cause a red, irritated scalp that will make your children scratch the area, and this can cause open sores if they scratch it enough. Your children are particularly adept at picking up lice from another child who is infested with them. They are spread either by direct physical contact or by an infested child sharing their headgear such as hats or helmets. Your kids are constantly coming into contact with other kids while participating in after-school sports or while playing outdoors in general. The good news for you, as a parent in Bucks County, is that there is a professional head lice removal solution for you and your family that is close to where you live.



Professional Head Lice Treatment for Families

Our staff at Lice Lifters of Bucks County take the problem of head lice treatment very seriously. If you are in need of a head lice clinic near Philadelphia, you have come to the right place when you stop by our lice treatment salon. Located in Southampton, Pennsylvania, we’re convenient to you if you live in Levittown, Feasterville-Trevose or Doylestown.

Our kid-friendly lice treatment salon can treat your entire family at once, so you are quickly out the door and back to your life with no irritating bugs on your scalp. The best part is that one trip is enough to get any infested family members free of lice.


Trust Lice Lifters’ Head Lice Removal Process

For professional head lice treatment near Bensalem, our lice treatment salon cannot be beat. We use a professional head lice removal process that starts with you bringing your infested family member to our clinic. We first ascertain that head lice is the problem by doing a head check. Once we’ve done this, we then perform a thorough, meticulous comb-out of your child’s hair. Our lice removal technicians then apply a 100 percent safe and all-natural killing agent to their scalp that is 99.9 percent effective at killing the lice and their eggs, which are called nits.

Our head lice clinic near Philadelphia offers you a fast, affordable and effective solution to the scourge of head lice. If you suspect one or more of your children may have this problem, please contact us immediately. After one trip to our professional head lice removal salon, we can have your family free of lice and getting on with your life.

Contact us today to set up and appointment or submit an inquiry online and we be happy to get back to you.