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Professional Head Lice Treatment in Southampton, PA

Being a parent can present you with many challenges, but you’ll be relieved to know that if your children ever get a lice infestation, there is effective, affordable lice treatment in Southampton. Lice are tiny, parasitic insects that feed off the blood under your scalp. Female lice lay eggs, called nits, and these are extremely hard to remove since they are attached to the bottom of hair strands by a natural glue-like substance.

Children account for many lice infestations since head-to-head contact is the main way they are spread, and your kids are almost constantly in contact with other kids while playing sports, playing in general or pushing their heads together to take a selfie. If you think your kids may have lice, you should seek a professional head lice removal method that also includes nit removal.

Benefits of Choosing Lice Lifters of Bucks County

  • Safe, effective, and guaranteed
  • We use an all-natural killing agent
  • Our solution kills 99.9% of live activity
  • Mobile services don’t use a killing agent.  If two eggs are missed, you can have lice again
  • We use non-toxic & pesticide-free products
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended
  • Certified technicians put children and parents at ease
  • Flex and health spending account payments taken

Southampton’s Professional Nit Removal Salon

At Lice Lifters of Bucks County, our head lice treatment salon uses a process that excels at both adult lice and nit removal. If you’re thinking of trying over-the-counter products, don’t bother. These products have been used for so long that lice have become immune to the toxins in them. If you are a parent in Churchville, Feasterville-Trevose, Warminster, Hatboro, Bethayres, Somerton or any other town in Bucks County, our professional head lice removal salon offers a fast, effective and affordable answer to this annoying problem.

One Quick Head Lice Treatment, Done!

Our staff at Lice Lifters of Bucks County are able to treat all of your infested family members at once, which saves you time. The first step is for you to bring in any children you suspect of having lice, and we’ll do a head check to verify if this is the problem. Upon finding lice, the first step of the actual head lice treatment process is to do a thorough comb-out to remove as many of the lice and nits as possible. Following this, we’ll apply a completely safe, all-natural killing agent that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing the lice and their nits.

If you suspect that you or a family member has head lice, don’t let them suffer from the itching and discomfort that it can cause. Our lice and nit removal process gets any infested family members free of this problem in a single visit, so please contact us today for a fast, effective solution to this problem.

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