History & Experience

History & Experience

Michele Barrack started her lice service after hiring a service to treat her family. After a few months of being free of lice, Michele found lice again on one of her daughters and hired the service to come again. With the foresight of seeing the need for a lice removal service in her community to help other families, Michele was trained to do traditional comb-outs by the service that she hired. Michele started LiceLifters®, LLC as an in home treatment service helping families and schools one head at a time.

Lice Lifters® is proud to say that to date they have cleared more than half of the clients that have come through the doors of their treatment center. They have successfully treated over 2,000 clients and have partnered with many schools and camps. Lice Lifters® is dedicated to confirming, safely treating and educating families about head lice as well as imparting helpful detection and prevention information so families will have a sense of control in the future.

On behalf of Michele and Lice Lifters, we’d like to thank all of the families that put their faith and trust in us to take care of their lice situations.

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