Why Have Lice Become Harder to Treat Lately?

As a parent, you have plenty of things to deal with when it comes to your kids. Taking care of them is a full-time job in addition to any other work you might be doing on the side. One concern that is particularly an issue with children is head lice. Adults can get this problem as well, but kids are particularly adept at picking up this problem from each other given their frequent physical contact. This is particularly true when they are at school, summer camp or any other place where they’ll be in close proximity with other kids.


Lice Are Harder to Kill Now

Lice can seem like a fairly simple problem to handle, but in recent years, they have become a particularly frustrating one. If you’ve noticed lice on your child’s head, you have probably taken the normal step of going out to the store to find a head lice treatment and ended up buying a medicated shampoo that claims to kill lice. Unfortunately, in many cases, lice are not responding to the specialized shampoos sold in stores that are supposed to kill them. Many of these contain toxins that have been used so long that they’ve developed an immunity to them.

These super lice may make you resort to home remedies as well. Unfortunately in this case as well, smothering your child’s head in mayonnaise or saturating it with olive oil is not an effective head lice removal technique either. This is one problem that does not seem to lend itself to a simple solution, and this can be extremely frustrating for you as a parent.


The Stigma of Lice

It may be true that head lice are more of a nuisance than a big health problem. That said, they are still one of those annoyances that you would rather spare your child of having to experience for any period of time. There is also the social stigma of having them found on their head by a school or camp nurse. Lice can be a problem in any household of varied economic and other circumstances, but that doesn’t stop some from thinking they have done something wrong or failed their kids in some way.


Professional Help for a Tough Problem

If you’re serious about getting these super lice under control, you may want to consider a professional solution. When you have a burst pipe or a broken down car, you typically call a professional to handle it. Fortunately for parents everywhere, there are professionals at dealing with head lice as well.

Lice Lifters of Bucks County are experts at head lice removal. We utilize an all-natural and completely safe head lice treatment. It is 99.9 percent effective at killing super lice, and it achieves this success rate in just one treatment. Our lice clinic has people who know what they’re doing and can have your child out the door quickly without any accompanying pests, so they can enjoy the rest of their life.